4:28 PM

Don't ask me again

Posted by Just Butterflies |

So, I have yet to figure out why people feel they should ask me when I plan on having children. If they only knew.... But seriously, I have a college education, I went to and graduated from law school. I do important work that only a handful of attorneys in this country can do. So, why do I need children? Yes, I like them. Yes, your four (at 22) are cute. No, I don't know when or if I will have any. This is 2008, a woman is no longer measured by her ability to bear children.

What sparked all of this was an awesome family reunion in Birmingham, Alabama. I was able to see both sides of my dad's family. Some of us are cross-related. Apparently, one family fell in love with the other and the relatives came tumbling down. I saw my 94 year old great-grandmother (she raised my father after his mother passed away in 1965). I saw my grandfather. My great aunts, great uncles, uncles, aunts, second, first and third cousins were all there. I even saw two of my mother's sisters. (I will post pictures of all this later.) The question I kept getting wasn't about what I do, but when I planned to procreate. :(

I do have "children". One is five. I got him when I began law school. He was the shy boy at the pound. I recently adopted a second son. He is one. He is a handful of energy. He constantly gets into things. This makes me want put him on the street. But I can't, I love him. I love both of my babies. So please, stop asking me when I plan to have children. Frankly, its none of your business. I hope to be judged by my accomplishments and maybe my dogs.