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my lock journey- so far

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This is a few days ago. I know the front looks crazy! They are getting there though. Month 5 just past. It was 9-8-08.

So I got the front re-done. I love it again. Did I mention that because of my hair textures (there are three) I have a combination of comb coils and tsts?

(Oh I take all these pictures on timer so I tend to look surprised. lol!)

I really didn't like the front sectioning here. Humm.

This is my first re-twist. I finally cut off all those dead ends.

Locks day one. I thought they were great.

Before locks I was natural.


The Gathering Place Charlotte said...

This is Kesha from lovinlocs. Congrats on the blogs and the locs. You will love what you learn from locking keep us updated.