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True Life - I have Lupus

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I have Lupus. There's not much to say about it. Well not to me. I was diagnosed in 2004, after kidney failure and a blood clot in my lungs. Many, many tests later...Lupus. I'm a pretty mild sufferer, but it has really changed my life. I went from being a pretty healthy person to one that takes 18 pills and a shot a day. I have a special diet. A slew of doctors. I get sick to my stomach when I eat. I use to love running, but may not ever run another step. I might not ever have children. I suffer lots more aches and pains than anyone else knows. Even with all those things going on, I get up daily and smile. I'm alive. Lupus doesn't control my life. My new husband understands all this. He makes sure I smile. I truely love him. Hopefully, during my lifetime there will be a cure for lupus. If not, I'll go down fighting and with a smile.


NubianLockedPrincess said...

I had a friend that had Lupus growing up. She had the agressive side of the disease.She went through alot. My co worker had the mild form of lupus. She also had her days, but for the most part she was not as sick as my girlfriend. being a nurse of 22yrs. I have seen the affects of the disease. You continue to be a trooper! You will be in my prayers daily!

May God continue to bless you!