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What is Lupus?

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Alot of people don't know or understand what lupus is. Lupus is an autoimmune disease that essentially turns the body on itself. So instead of fighting off all of the bad things out there, the lupus body fights the bad things and itself. It can't tell that it isn't something bad.

Lupus can affect every organ in the body. There are mild sufferers of the disease and some that suffer severely. I consider myself a mild sufferer. That means that everyday I am reminded that I have lupus. I still take 17 pills daily, but lupus doesn't prevent me from doing things.

There is absolutely no cure for lupus and in fact there have been no new drugs created specially for lupus in 50 years.

Lupus can run in families. However, it doesn't always happen that way. In my family I am the only person (as far as I know) that has lupus. I know some people that have generations of lupus or other autoimmune diseases.

Lastly, a person with lupus is likely to have other autoimmune diseases.

For more information about lupus see: www.lupus.org


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